Remembering God’s comfort

1 Bible verse, 2 thoughts, and 3 questions to help us be mindful of our souls throughout the week. Let’s embark on this mindful journey together!

1 Verse

19 In the multitude of my thoughts within me Thy comforts delight my soul.

Psalm 94:19 KJV

2 Thoughts

  1. It’s not stated if David was the writer of this Psalm, however even if he didn’t write it, he at least could have found comfort in it given his situation with Saul. The writer pleads desperately for someone (God) to take vengeance on the evildoers. In 23 verses, there’s at least 10 questions, challenging God to make known His power against those who do evil. The Psalmist knows who is in control and who is in charge of bringing justice and vengeance to the evildoer and he pleads with God above to “shew Thyself” (vs. 1).
  2. In the midst of the desperation for justice and vengeance, the Psalmist experiences anxiety, as evidenced by the multitude of thoughts, but he knows from where comfort comes. God is the provider of all things. God can exact justice and vengeance on the evildoer, and He can provide the comfort that delights the soul to His faithful followers. We don’t have to worry whether justice will be served to the evildoers. We can put our trust in God above, and He will make sure to do the rest. The truth will always be revealed. Now, that is comforting.

3 Questions 

  1. When you have racing thoughts, where do you go for comfort/relief?
  2. The Psalmist prayed for God to exact vengeance, is that okay to do? Can we pray for vengeance against the evildoers?
  3. How did Jesus handle the evildoers when He was walking the earth?

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