Benefits of studying Bible Personalities

  • Why was Martha so “troubled” with so many things?
  • What was so depressing for Solomon? After all, he had everything.
  • Why was Jezebel so wicked?
  • What caused Saul to be so jealous of David?
  • Why did Peter get agitated so much?
  • How did Paul stay so determined?
A man reading the Holy Bible.

Learning about people in the Bible from a relationship and personality aspect can enrich our study of the Bible and give us a clearer understanding of what God expects from His people.

Below are some of the benefits to studying the personalities and the relationships of Bible characters:

  1. Learning about Bible characters from a relational and psychological aspect gives us a reminder that they were real people.
  2. It helps us develop a deeper sense of empathy for others.
  3. Learning about Biblical personalities can give us insight in to human behavior across the span of time.
  4. Helps us better fulfill our responsibility to the Great Commission more effectively because it builds insight in to what people need in order to align themselves with God.
  5. We realize that the Biblical characters we study are not that much different than us.
  6. When we develop empathy and understanding of our Biblical heroes and villains, we can start to recognize similar qualities in ourselves and others.
  7. Studying and discussing Biblical characters in terms of personality helps us understand situational, geographical, historical context more fully.
  8. When considering motivations of behaviour, personality, and psychological makeup of the individuals in the Bible, so many enriching questions come up.
  9. Studying Bible people from a personality perspective forces the Bible student to consider all potential contributions to why a certain Biblical person behaved in certain ways.
  10. Gives a more clear understanding of God’s expectations for His people

Studying the personality traits of Bible characters is such an enriching way to gain understanding and knowledge of scripture.

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